The Hosts

Here's a little bit of information about the guys that revolve their lives around sports.

Gannon Cornley II

My name is Gannon Cornley II. I am from Kansas City, Missouri and graduated from Blue Valley High School. I played collegiate football at Butler Community College and then transferred to Missouri Western State University. I graduated from Mo West with a Convergent Journalism degree with a major focus on sports media. Football is my all-time favorite sport, but I love watching basically any sport that is on. Competition is what I live for and everything that comes with it. 


My favorite teams:

NFL: Tennessee Titans, Philadelphia Eagles

MLB: New York Yankees, Kansas City Royals

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers

NHL: Free Agent

MLS: Sporting KC

Collegiate Sports: Florida Gators, Mizzou Tigers

European Soccer: FC Barcelona, Manchester City

Toby Todd

My name is Tobias Todd. I am from Kansas City, Missouri and graduated from the prestigious Rockhurst High School. I am also a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University, majoring in sports media. My love for all things sports has shaped so much of my life and it is a true privilege to share what I love with all who are willing to listen. While you might see mostly football and basketball, I will do my best to cover ALL sports to the best of my ability. My crew mates and I will do our best to stay as unbiased and fair as we can on our podcast and in our website posts, but it is important to note some of the areas where we MIGHT have a SLIGHT bias.


My favorite teams

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots

MLB: Kansas City Royals, Tampa Bay Rays

NBA: Boston Celtics

NHL: San Jose Sharks

MLS: Sporting Kansas City

Collegiate Sports: Michigan Wolverines, Oklahoma State, All local KC collegiate teams

European Soccer: Manchester United

Montae Spiller

My name is Montae Spiller Jr. Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. I graduated from Rockhurst High

School. Following Rockhurst high school I went to Graceland University where I competed as a collegiate

athlete in basketball and track. Along with being an athlete at Graceland I studied Exercise Science and

Psychology. Basketball is by far my favorite sport but I pay attention to any and all sports. Competition is

something I love! As a member of this team I will do my best in order to remain unbiased against the

teams I have true distain for.


My favorite teams are

NFL: Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints

MLB: Kansas City Royals, New York Yankees

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers

NHL: Las Vegas Golden Knights

MLS: Sporting KC

Collegiate Sports: Kansas Jayhawks

European Soccer: Juventus