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Not So Much Love for Your Brothers

The Philadelphia Eagles, winners of the NFC East just in 2019, saw themselves have a very disappointing 2020 season. What are the reasons why?

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The City of Brotherly love is showing no love toward its football team

Only the Philadelphia Eagles, not even a full three years removed from a Super Bowl, could find a way to screw up their future THIS badly. The Eagles have seen the QB that won them the Super Bowl walk out the door, the QB they paid an excess of $150M wants to be traded and the QB who might provide some stability to the franchise now has trust issues. This historic downfall comes at the hands of General Manager Howie Roseman and Head Coach Doug Pederson.

It has still never been reported who had the final say in drafting QB Jalen Hurts in the second round of the 2020 NFL draft, but it was a decision that has and will continue to cost this franchise a lot of money. For as long as I have been alive and followed the NFL, I have never seen a franchise pay their long-term QB early on his rookie deal and less than a year later draft his replacement in the first two rounds of the draft. From day one, the Eagles created a huge problem that was always inevitably going to fall onto Carson Wentz. Owner Jeffery Lurie and Howie Roseman agreed to sign the then third year Quarter back out of the University of North Dakota to a long-term deal, in essence, making him the answer for the future. Why they felt the need to draft a guy to give Wentz in extra push is beyond me. I am all about competition, but the number one thing you have to give the leader of your team, is reassurance.That is something that Carson Wentz was not given heading into the 2020 NFL season.

For the record, I am in no way excusing the multiple mistakes made by Carson Wentz this past season, which is undoubtedly the worst of his career. I do believe he was put into a situation set up to fail. Doug Pederson's continuous stale offensive game plan gave the Eagles virtually no shot at winning games this season. The Eagles were terrible rushing offense for the better half of the year and were even worse throwing. Pederson made no adjustments and continued to run an offense that clearly is too confusing for his own QBs to run. During the Eagles Super Bowl run with now Chicago Bear, Nick Foles, Pederson held the offense back and ran schemes that only Foles was comfortable with. He even “dumbed” down the offense in last year's Wild-card round matchup against the Seahawks for backup QB Josh McCown, who took over for Carson Wentz who suffered a concussion just a few minutes into the first quarter. We have even seen him pull the plug on some schemes with Jalen Hurts in as the QB. How is it that you can fit the offense to adjust to every QB you fit into the roster except for the guy that is your franchise QB?

I know that a lot of doubters will say that Carson Wentz is the problem, not the offense. Yet, you see the Eagles won a shocker over the New Orleans Saints with Jalen Hurts as the QB and never won again. Even in the 2019 Wildcard win over the Bears, the Eagles offense put up just 16 points and Nick Foles completed just 62.5 percent of his passes for two touchdowns and two interceptions. The offense has not been great in Carson Wentz’s absence. Major contributions from special and the defense have been a big aid to the Eagles’s offensive struggles. Doug Pederson failing to adjust to the man that they paid $150M to over the next five seasons is the reason for this abysmal season. Even if you don't believe that Wentz was worth the money, it is the head coaches job to make the most out of what you have and i do not believe that is what he has done.

Unfortunately for Pederson, it does not stop there. After making the decision to bench Carson Wentz in favor of Jalen Hurts, he has found a way to put a stain on his relationship with Hurts. Pederson benched Hurts for third string QB Nate Sudfeld,who has seen very little action in his four seasons in the league. This terrible decision came in the fourth quarter of the last regular season game of the year, a year in which was already lost for the Eagles. Jalen Hurts did not throw the ball all that well but kept the Eagles in it with his legs and rushed for two touchdowns before being pulled. Not only did Pederson show his team that he was comfortable with losing this game, he showed with his actions that he was already looking to next season and not worried about finishing the current one. Ironically enough, given the already bad relationship Pederson has with Wentz, Hurts most likely will be the QB moving forward and yet Pederson passed on an opportunity to further evaluate him going into the next season. If you think that this ludicrous move will be forgotten by Hurts, you are sadly mistaken. He will now always have this in the back of his mind moving into the next season as the leading candidate to be the starting QB with trades looming around Wentz.

The Eagles have many questions and not enough answers heading into this offseason and these questions are all around the positions you never want questions at: Coaches and Quarterbacks. I believe if the Eagles did not win the SuperBowl back in 2018 Pederson would have been fired after this year. I believe the organization is giving him one more season out of respect but only delaying the inevitable as this team is in Cap hell, injury-prone roster and too many questions at the Quarterback position. I believe the Eagles, how they are shaped right now, will be a very bad football team next season. As an Eagles supporter I believe that that will be the best thing to happen to this team. They need to blow it up and start from scratch. The Philadelphia faithful throw too much support into this team to watch them be a fake competitive team.

-Gannon Cornley II, 23

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